"Is my production running as planned or are there problems?"

"I distribute the nesting orders from the work preparation to the machines. To do this, I have to know and take into account the availability of materials and machines. Then I print out the paperwork for the machine operators."

OmniFab Job Management.


With OmniFab Job Management, you always have an overview of all jobs. The software ensures the jobs are done on the right machines and with the best utilization, whether you are scheduling manually or automatically. Via OmniFab PDC, feedback from the running operation comes in real-time from the machine operators. You can use this information to react quickly to unforeseen events and make the right

Your Advantages

  • you have a complete overview of all production orders
  • plan your jobs more effectively by displaying the planned shift workload,
  • take into account loading and unloading times of the machine,
  • receive paperless feedback from production.


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Your Path to Digitalization

Order Management

How do I save manual steps in order processing?

Work Preparation

How can I optimally nest my jobs to save material and time?

Machine Operating

How can I process jobs on the machine according to priority and report back deviations from the planning?

Business Analysis

How high is the utilization of my machines and what are the reasons for a standstill?


Your digital workflow