Do you want to be competitive and optimally positioned for the future? Produce more efficiently and offer your customers products with unique selling points?

The digitization of production and its processes is a key factor in this process. After all, it provides you with cross-company information with which you can manage changes and react quickly and effectively.
By integrating machines and systems, you can ensure that you are making the best possible decisions. In short: all relevant information from a wide range of sources is always and immediately available.



Find out how you can do this safely with solutions from Messer Cutting Systems and MesserSoft: Systems and machines that are connected with each other to provide information in real time


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Digitize your Production

  •  You gain all production information in digital form,
  • share this information with everyone involved in production,
  • review all currently running processes and their status at a glance,
  • track your production orders completely and consistently,
  • test and simulate changes in your production virtually,
  • implement improvements faster,
  • discover potential errors and misplanning,
  • work more efficiently, reduce costs and save resources.

Across the entire value chain, this makes you:

  • more productive and increases your scalability,
  • cheaper and faster,
  • open for new ways of operating, which you would not have seen before,
  • free to turn to new future-oriented projects




Only when you are aware of what is really taking place in your company, you can make the right improvements. Captured data is your most important „raw material“ for obtaining context-related information. We support you in this:

Order Management

How do I save manual steps in order processing?

Work preparation

How can I optimally nest my jobs to save material and time?

Production Planning

Is my production running as planned or are there problems?

Machine Operating

How can I process jobs on the machine according to priority and report back deviations from the planning?

Business Analysis

How high is the utilization of my machines and what are the reasons for a standstill?

Your Path to Digitalization

OmniFab, OmniWin and OmniBevel are perfectly matched to the cutting machines thanks to the close cooperation within the Messer Cutting Systems Group. OmniWin and OmniBevel are very „machine-oriented“ and tailored to the operators. OmniFab provides the relevant information to those responsible in work preparation, on the control console, in production planning and in plant management.

Automation, Transparency and Automation in Production


Design and Nesting for numerous Cutting Tasks


Best-in-class Technology for Bevel Cutting